Igor Kroitor and his touching landscapes (30 photos)

12 April 2024
Category: painting, 0+

This artist works not only as a landscape painter. However, his paintings at first glance are even more similar to photographs. The sun's reflections on the window glass, drops of dew on the ruddy apple skin and the winter air filled with freshness look very realistic.

Igor Kroytor is from Chisinau. Born in 1968. A childhood passion for drawing has grown into a conscious, adult one.

Igor Kroytor

And after graduating from art school, the young man entered the Repin Art School, becoming a student of the famous Moldavian artist of his time - Stanislav Semenovich Babyuk.

Currently lives and works in Moscow. The main genres are landscapes and still lifes. Kroitor's works are included in private collections around the world.

Как садят рис
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Winter road

September in Maryina Roshcha

Sunny forest

Warm autumn stones

Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh in Pavlovo-on-Neva

Winter on Staromaryinsky

Great Kotchinsky

Arch to the past

Last refuge


Enchanting sounds of jazz

Frost and sun

Spring way

In the rays of the setting sun

Bright colors of the morning

Harvest year

Warm day in October

Frost and sun

Sunny morning

Autumn glare

Full sails

First fans

The rain is over

The publication

Evening in the village

Morning on the Shostka River

Odessa courtyard

Winter paths

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