Two passions Rina Poortvlieta (45 photos)

24 April 2024
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Hunting for beauty. This can be called the direction in which this animal painter worked.

Rin Poortvliet (1932 – 1995) – painter, graphic artist and book illustrator. The artist is originally from Holland. My father worked as a plasterer. The son showed early ability to draw. But the family was categorically against the first-born studying art: such an occupation seemed too frivolous and unpromising to the family.

Rin Poortvliet

After graduating from school, the guy started working in an advertising agency. The newcomer’s talent was noticed and he was offered to try his hand at illustrating books. By the late 1960s, Rin had become a professional illustrator.

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Poortvliet had one hobby that left an imprint on his entire life and work: he was a passionate hunter. Over time, Rin began to compose stories based on his drawings. Gradually, the illustrator also became a storyteller.

In 1976, a book was published that brought him worldwide fame. The artist illustrated Vila Huygen's work "Dwarfs". The book tells about the life and habitat of small creatures and resembles a biology textbook, supplemented with illustrations and notes. After the artist’s death, an animated series of the same name was released with characters invented by Poortvliet.


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