19 entertaining macro photos that reveal the secrets of a world that is invisible to human eyes (20 photos)

1 May 2024
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An amazing world that cannot be seen with the naked human eye is perfectly revealed through the lens of a light microscope or a special camera. Photographers working in the genres of micro- and macrophotography are able to show real miracles hiding at almost every step.

To do this, they use not only special equipment. Showing the depth of microscopic worlds requires ingenuity and creativity. Only in this case will they sparkle with special colors, because they will have enough artistic brilliance and visual details. We invite you to dive into some of them and enjoy the amazing spectacle.

Light micrograph of rotifers

Rotifers are microscopic aquatic animals related to roundworms.

Close-up image of a watercress flower

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

The photo that received universal acclaim at the Olympus Image of the Year Awards 2021 was taken by Jan Martinek. The tissue of the flower pictured here was chemically treated to make it transparent, and the pollen tubes were dyed aniline blue to give it a yellow fluorescence.

Moth eggs in a web, 16x magnification

Two-day-old zebrafish larvae

Plant spine, 8x magnification

Tomato with skin

Guitar string under a microscope

Flower pollen, four hundred times magnification

Macro photography of colored pencil

Colorful image of the developing nervous system of a zebrafish six days after fertilization

Microscopic image of fruit fly ovaries

Human eye at extreme magnification

At first glance, it seems that the photograph depicts a natural landscape. If you don’t read the caption to the image, you’ll never be able to guess what was actually photographed here.

Milk and butter

Water drop

Match during ignition. You can still see untouched sulfur at the edges

Multiply enlarged spider face

Frozen air bubble

A cat's whisker captured with a 20x lens



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