20 Times Random Moments Create True Art (21 Photos)

25 February 2024
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Art surrounds us everywhere. We usually believe that beauty comes from the talent and ingenuity of a gifted person, but it turns out that the forces of nature and chance moments rival any creative giant, and in some cases, even better. Take a look!

1. A drop of paint looks like a deer

2. Broken wood looks like a city

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

3. Volcanic eruption on paint cover

4. Bride in a cup of coffee

5. Snow wolf

6. The car is painted so that the rust looks like mountains

7. The ink stains on my finger look like a forest after a fire.

8. The tapestry above my bed reflected in the coffee

9. Bubbles in the shampoo canister

10. Burnt out light bulb

11. Algae in a Chinese lake and rowers look painted

12. Splashes of dirt on a display window created a random Monet painting.

13. I spilled coffee and it turned out to be a painting

14. Morning frost that looks painted

15. I couldn’t help but take a photo of this paint.

16. I dropped candy into the water

17. Photo of the garden from above - an impressionist painting

18. This ice looks like a topographic map

19. Oranges photographed through the glass panels of a greenhouse

20. Photo of a cat through a dirty window, looks like a painting

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