Master of the fantasy world Edward Binkley (30 photos)

15 January 2024
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Correctly constructed composition and skill are all that is needed to create a high-quality and memorable illustration. So says Edward Binkley, an American illustrator who can rightfully be called a master of modern fantasy.

Ed Binkley holds an MFA and BA in drawing and printmaking. He was passionately involved in this area for thirty years and devoted almost the same amount of time to teaching.

Ed Binkley

Binkley's work has appeared in a wide variety of books and magazines. Ed has repeatedly taken part in competitions, where he has been nominated for awards and won prizes.

Binkley has now completed his teaching career. And together with his wife Lisa, also a professional artist, he completely immersed himself in his favorite graphics.

The illustrator's characters are not the most typical. Sometimes attractive, sometimes repulsive. But each has some kind of zest that makes the image original. The author himself divides his works into two large areas - the world of light, daytime heroes and the world of dark, night heroes. Which emphasize each other’s contrasts and remind us that without day there would be no night and vice versa.

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