An Italian paints hospitals to cheer up children (26 photos)

9 April 2024
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Italian artist Silvio Irilli came up with a unique project in children's hospitals. Although the hospital is the last place we want to be, sometimes it is necessary. Silvio adds color and positivity to hospital walls, creating large-scale drawings that delight the eyes of visitors. He makes sure that patients can forget about their worries associated with visiting the hospital, at least for a moment. Let's take a look at his work.

Silvio Irilli is the author of the Ospedali Dipinti project, in which he paints the boring walls of children's hospitals. The result is amazingly bright creations that distract little visitors at least a little.

"The project was born in 2012, and during this time I painted walls in 25 hospitals, covering more than 7,300 square meters. The idea to create the project came after I first painted a wall in a radiotherapy room at the Agostino Gemelli Foundation polyclinic in Rome. I did a complete job : I painted the walls and ceiling, and to the great surprise of the doctors, positive feedback from the patients was not long in coming,” says Silvio.

1. Cancer Center in Padua, Italy

Most often, non-profit organizations, foundations or sponsors turn to Silvio, who pay for his work and donate it to the hospital. According to him, he chooses the theme of the drawings together with the doctors, taking into account various factors. The most popular theme of the drawings is marine, which “reminds that without water there would be no life.”

2. Pediatric Emergency Department at Children's Hospital, Parma, Italy

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

3. Playroom at the Santa Lucia Foundation Hospital, Rome

4. Cabinet makeover

5. University Clinic of the Agostino Gemelli Foundation, Rome

6. The same clinic

7. Cabinet transformation

8. In the process of creation

9. Giannina Gaslini Hospital in Genoa, Italy

10. Agostino Gemelli Foundation Polyclinic, Rome

11. Children's Hospital in Parma







18. Hospital in Pescara, Italy


20. Santa Lucia Foundation Hospital, Rome


22. Hospital in Salerno

23. Examination room

24. Screens


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