18 creative masterpieces from people who definitely have a magic wand (19 photos)

11 April 2024

We are surrounded by many talented people: some of them work well with wood, others knit brilliantly, and others seem to master everything and are able to create a masterpiece out of nothing. How do they manage to do this? Sleight of hand, talent and perseverance combined work wonders. Take a look at these amazing creations!

1. I made a floor out of coins

2. My very first portrait, made of colored threads and nails

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

3. Magical dreams happen with this headboard.

4. I baked a cake that looked like a knitted sweater.

5. Infinity mirror made of mirror acrylic and LED strips

6. Impossible floating table I made with my son

7. I created a tiny galaxy

8. A pendant I made from silver. It took more than forty working hours

9. The doll is a portrait of one of my favorite heroines - Padmé Amidala from "Star Wars"

10. I made a wall clock out of epoxy resin and crayon for my sister.

11. My friend made this portrait of Van Gogh entirely from food.

12. Wall installation made of burnt wood. Reminds me of the city's silhouette, doesn't it?

13. After 60 hours of pure folding, I made an origami eye from one huge sheet of paper.

14. DIY magic table

15. I made this painting using only paper strips.

16. I am very proud of this dog that I crocheted for a colleague.

17. I baked a new art cake. It has blueberry filling in a lemon almond cookie crust and is 100% edible.

18. I made a portrait of a friend from 13,000 dice

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