Generator of smiles and good mood Gary Patterson (35 photos)

25 April 2024

In any unclear situation, smile and share your smile with others. This is the principle that guides the American artist and cartoonist Gary Patterson, who cannot help but smile when he sees his kind and positive works.

Gary is a famous American artist born on November 16, 1941 in Los Angeles. He was fascinated by art as a child, and his family encouraged his aspirations.

After graduating from the University of California, Patterson chose humor and comic scenes as his main theme, happily taking on creative work in this area. Gary gained fame in the 1970s when he began holding solo exhibitions. Patterson has received numerous awards for his illustrations and drawings.

He has created illustrations for several prestigious commercial companies, including 7-Eleven, Pepsi-Cola and Subway. Patterson currently lives in Malibu, where his studio is located directly above his home.

Gary Patterson is known for his cartoons and funny illustrations. In his paintings he depicts ordinary incidents and incidents that happen in different areas of life. Driven by a desire to make people smile, Patterson's work is comical enough to inspire hearty laughter.

Gary manages to create light and touching paintings that touch the invisible strings of the soul and invariably bring a smile. The uniqueness of humor and characters beloved around the world make the artist’s works popular and relevant.

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