The life of the planet as it is: 20 cool shots from a talented Polish street photographer (21 photos)

28 April 2024
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Photo sessions are, as a rule, about beauty, aesthetics, creativity, fantasy, but not at all about real life. In general, as they say, to Caesar what is Caesar's, i.e. to contemplate the world as it is, and there is a genre of street photography.

One of the masters of this direction is the Polish photographer Maciej Dakowicz. He is known for his non-trivial view of the world around him. Traveling around the world, he shows the simple life of the population of our planet, but does it with some indescribable magic. To understand what we are talking about, you just need to look at some of the photographer’s works.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Kolkata, India

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

Varanasi, India

Beijing, China

Yangon, Myanmar

Puri, India

Istanbul, Türkiye

Varanasi, India

Essaouira, Morocco

Cardiff, Wales

This city needs a new hero.

Hong Kong, China

Mumbai, India

Sanliurfa, Türkiye

Cairo, Egypt

It seems that this year Morpheus decided to relax off the banks of the Nile.

Mahabalipuram, India

Warsaw Poland

Busan, South Korea

Istanbul, Türkiye

Vagharshapat, Armenia

A very tense moment! It’s terribly interesting how it all ended :)

Chaungtha, Myanmar


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