An easy transfer of the solidity of cities by Thomas Schaller (40 photos + 1 video)

22 April 2024
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Professional architectural education and vision of the essence of objects allowed this artist to become famous and create his own unique creative direction.

Thomas Schaller was born near Newark, Ohio, and graduated from State University, where in addition to architecture he studied painting.

After a successful twenty-year career in New York as an architect and architectural artist, Tom Schaller moved to Los Angeles, California, and devoted himself full-time to watercolor.

Why watercolor? Schaller, like any other person - a resident of a big city, is under the influence and influence of the environment. Both dense buildings and untouched natural landscapes of our beautiful planet. And it draws inspiration from the collision of these two worlds - human architecture and natural architecture

Thomas has this to say about creative choices:

Several years ago, a great artist asked me what I wanted to do with my life. I told him I wanted to become an artist—a “real artist.” But then I began to describe in detail all the reasons that, as it seemed to me, made this dream impossible. He politely listened to all my excuses, and then simply said: “If you want to draw, just draw. Everything else will follow by itself.”

Thomas has always been drawn to watercolor as a means of expressing the artist's unique voice. Schaller uses the term “interpreted realism” to indicate the direction of his work. And he believes that his main task as an artist is not so much to show what is visible, but to demonstrate the feelings that arise from what he sees.

Schaller is considered one of the most prominent architectural artists in the world. In this field he has received all the major awards for his work. He is the author of two books – “Architecture in Watercolor” and “The Art of Architectural Drawing” and one of the most prominent representatives of the field of art, specializing in the creation of architectural landscapes.

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