The optimistic artist and his revelations (35 photos)

17 March 2024
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When looking at the works of this painter, everyone finds something special, touching, close, dear, sincere, perhaps long forgotten.

Valentin Stepanovich Korotkov is one of the brightest representatives of the modern classical school of painting. Born in 1979 in Saransk. After graduating from college in his hometown and receiving higher education at the Academy of Design and Arts in Kharkov, he became a member of the Union of Artists of Russia.

The main theme of Korotkov’s paintings is portraits and Russian landscapes. In addition, the artist paints canvases on which he recreates emotions from different places and countries he has visited, through the prism of his own perception.

Valentin's paintings are characterized by a special light poetics and depth. The artist’s portraits are distinguished by a deep knowledge of psychology, which makes it easy to read the emotions and mood of the character.

Almost all of Korotkov’s works are characterized by the joy of being, lightness, light and optimism. Despite the difference in perception, each viewer will be able to detect a special message that is understandable and intended only for him, a sign that everything will be fine.

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"Early Winter"


"The beauty of everyday life"

"Old Boat"

"Quiet Backwater"


"Blue sky"


"Pink Evening"

"Frost and Sun"




"Quiet evening"

"Apple tree"



"Silver of January"


"Summer Flavor"


"Fluffy August"


"Dragonfly Time"








"Evening in Venice"

"Gifts of Autumn"

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