Master of solar landscape Peter Mörk Mönsted (45 photos)

6 April 2024
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Although among the works of this painter there are examples of other genres, it was landscapes that glorified Peter Mörk Mönsted, who is rightfully considered a recognized virtuoso master of this direction.

The boy was born in 1859 into the family of a wealthy shipbuilder in the Danish village of Balle. His parents, noticing their son’s passion for drawing, sent him to study at a school in Aarhaus. The next stages in Peter's education were the Danish Royal Academy of Arts and the private school of Peter Kreyer.


In Paris, the artist took a course in the workshop of one of the most famous masters of his time, Adolphe William Bouguereau. Traveled a lot, inspired by the landscapes of different countries. He also visited Russia, where he painted portraits of grand dukes and princesses.

Mønsted's work is distinguished by some incredible photographic precision with an abundance of small details. At first glance at the canvases, you can’t even believe that these are not photographs, but paintings.

The artist easily used black, which most artists use with caution and caution to avoid darkness. He masterfully conveyed the water element - the surface of lakes and the flow of rivers and streams, which was also not the easiest texture to execute. And, of course, sunlight. He permeates the subjects, touching people, animals, buildings and making them alive and realistic.

Peter died in 1941 at the age of 82. He remained popular and in demand until the very end.

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