Full of artist: colorful and cool street art by Tom Bob (17 photos)

29 April 2024

Not every city can boast of the colorfulness and attractiveness of ordinary streets. They are mostly gray buildings of residential buildings and shops. Such urban spaces do not suit Tom Bob, a street art artist from New York.

For several years now, he has been decorating the streets with funny and resourceful images that seamlessly intertwine with the surrounding urban environment and delight the local population and tourists.

Look at Tom Bob's drawings to lift the spirits of passers-by!

Aliens are watching us with their lantern eyes

Korzhik decorated one of the spaces in New York

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

Air conditioners have taken a new look at the world

Doesn't he remind you of the robot from “Well, Just Wait!”?

Alligator on the street of Miami


Colorful design of space in one of the schools next to the music class. Of course, Tom Bob not only creates graffiti out of great enthusiasm, but also carries out special orders.

flirting frog

Canned sardines

Hawk shows its claws

The shark that got ashore

While participating in one of the street art festivals, Tom Bob played pranks on the streets of Miami.


House on the roof of a house

Look how the artist detailed everything!

Louis Vuitton bag

Tennis racquet

Hello, are utilities in touch?


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