The mesmerizing beauty of the simple world of Edward Gordon (20 photos)

31 December 2023
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At first glance, the work of this artist is quite simple. But Edward Gordon, a representative of the modern hyperrealism movement, spends several months creating one painting.

Edward Gordon was born in Ocean City, New Jersey, USA in 1940. Studied at Rutgers University. The artist chose hyperrealism as his direction, focusing on the quiet and cozy beauty of everyday life. He spent his childhood on the ocean, which influenced the choice of main themes and plots.

Edward Gordon

The photographic accuracy of his paintings is so high that it is difficult to distinguish them from photographs. The feeling of loneliness in the air caused by the absence of people awakens a wide range of different emotions in the viewer.

Gordon's keen eye and attention to detail allow him to achieve the perfect rendition of the shape, color and texture of each piece.

The master uses color to soften sharp contrasts without blurring the overall concept of the scene. There are so many details in the paintings that the painter creates a maximum of 5-6 canvases a year.

Gordon's works are represented in public museums and private collections in America and Europe.

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