The embroidered living world of Ana Teresa Barbosa (40 photos)

2 April 2024

It may seem that today embroidery is a hobby only for retired women who have time for hobbies and creativity. But the works of this Peruvian artist clearly prove that fabric can easily replace canvas, and threads can easily replace paint. If you have talent, of course.

Anna Teresa was born in 1981 in Lima, Peru. After graduating from university, I became interested in creativity. And I learned to unite what is impossible to unite.

Anna Teresa Barbosa

The main genre of Barboz’s works is animalistic. In her works, the textile artist combines photography, painting, embroidery and even knitting. The result is attractive living pictures. Some seem to flow from the main canvas, continuing to exist in a three-dimensional, rather than flat, world.

At work

In many works there is clearly a struggle between the monochrome of the base painting and the brightness of the embroidery. The artist’s works expand the boundaries of the familiar world. The author, through eclecticism, tries to show the viewer that nature and the surrounding world can be like that - different, but no less beautiful.

Barboz's works attract not only originality and skill, but also the presence of something obvious, albeit invisible. Perhaps it is the soul. Which helps the souls of the audience to experience the unusual beauty of another world.

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