Living light and magical reflexes by David Cheyfitz (35 photos)

23 March 2024
Category: painting, 16+

Color, richness, life, realism are organically combined in his works with slight understatement and a magical, foggy haze. How does he do this? It's all about profession and reflexes.

David Cheyfitz was born in 1981 in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. After graduating from the University of Washington and receiving a bachelor's degree, he worked as an architect for several years. But he realized that painting attracted him more and began studying courses, while simultaneously taking lessons from the best masters.

David Cheyfitz

The result of the hobby was not long in coming. Acclaim from critics and connoisseurs soon came, followed by participation in several prestigious exhibitions.

In addition to a successful composition (his first profession has an impact), a unique feature of David’s still lifes is an interesting glow effect. Vegetables, dishes, even the background itself seem to be illuminated from within by some magical light. Of course, there is no magic in this, the painter simply masterfully uses the technique of reflexes, which is the transmission of reflected light and color on various surfaces. The reflex occurs when a reflection from the sky or neighboring objects (from any colored surface) falls on an object, which causes a change in tone and color. Reflected light has been known to artists for a long time and was described by Leonardo da Vinci himself.

There is something subtle about the Dutch masters in David's work, realism is pronounced and the presence of abstract art is captured. The uniqueness of Cheyfitz's paintings lies in the organic combination of realistic style and play of light and shade with extremely clear detail and the creation of the illusion of a slight haze.

The result is objects whose unreality the viewer begins to doubt. You want to touch the juicy sides of the pumpkin and the shiny pot to feel the smoothness of the metal or the roughness of the fruit under your fingers.

In addition to still lifes, the artist is also interested in portrait painting, loves landscapes and pays attention to fantasy subjects.

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