Creative family duo and their unusual creations (30 photos)

12 March 2024
Category: sculptures, 16+, America

A talented person is talented in everything. And when two such people meet, not only a creative duet can be born, but also a family contract.

Colin Poole was born in Washington, DC. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree from Connecticut College with a degree in metal sculpture, he continued his professional education with masters of various disciplines. In search of new ways and techniques of expression in painting, he explored various directions before discovering his love for oil painting.

Christine Poole was born in Novi, Michigan. The girl received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Northern Michigan University, graduating with a diploma in ceramic sculpture. After training with a master potter and master glassblower, she learned the bronze casting process while working in a foundry in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Colin and Christine moved to Santa Fe at the same time twenty years ago, but their paths did not cross until 2008. It was then that Colin accidentally invited the girl to tango. They married in Greece the following summer and began combining their artistic talents that same year.

His fascination with mythology began in early childhood, when Colin became acquainted with the Greek mythological pantheon while working in the studio of his mentor Christomos Chakos, a master of Greek icon painting of that time. These early influences became a continuous thread that runs through Colin's paintings and sculptural work throughout his career.

Colin shared his love of myth with Christine, and together they expanded their work to include mythological stories from cultures around the world. Their reinterpretation of the world's myths highlights the unity of cultural roots - how people since ancient times have told stories about the combination of human and animal qualities that led to magical results.

Speaking about the methodology of working on sculptures, Colin emphasizes:

We are both fully involved in all aspects of the process from the very beginning. There isn't a single piece that we don't both have a hand in, both literally and figuratively.

Christine adds:

We both have specialist knowledge. My extensive training in ceramic sculpture and anatomical studies perfectly complements Colin's 25 years of experience as a professional artist and sculptor.

When first encountered with their joint creations, one can believe that they have found themselves in a reality where such creatures really live. The couple's shared passion for history and myth expanded to visual exploration of the source of inspiration, and the multifaceted muse of the creators helped turn ideas into reality.

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