The grace of humor, heroines and their forms by Sarah-Jane Szikora (40 photos + 1 video)

14 March 2024

Chubby and slim, strict diet and gastronomic revelry, fitness girls and body-positive women - this battle will never have an end or victory. However, it is not needed if you look at the problem with humor, as Sarah-Jane Szikora does.

The English artist was born in Hungary into an international family (Hungarian father, British mother). The girl's passion for art took possession of her at a tender age, when she accidentally discovered her first pencil and enthusiastically began creating her first funny masterpieces.

Sarah-Jane Szikora

A childhood hobby has grown into a conscious adult one. The girl entered Harrogate College, where she studied several areas at once. After which Szikora began her studies at the Cleveland College of Art, where the artist’s favorite theme was human figures in all their beautiful diversity.

In the 90s, Sarah-Jane became interested in creating decorative figures from papier-mâché, but then she overcame painting. And the artist organized her own project called “Sweet Home for Fat Ladies and Gingerbread Men.”

Works are exhibited in galleries in the USA and Europe, and some are even produced in the form of engravings and souvenirs.

The main character of Szkora’s works is a chubby lady, although in the paintings there are also deliberately skinny girls and men of different shapes. But this is not about weight, but about humor and funny situations that happen to people, regardless of body weight.

Despite the deliberate negligence, Sarah-Jane's paintings are well thought out in terms of composition, drawing, and semantic content. The plump girls that the artist creates don’t worry about losing weight, they live a rich life and enjoy it. Like Szikora herself from the creative process and its results.

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