25 creepy crafts that you can’t take your eyes off (26 photos)

7 June 2024
Category: sculptures, 16+

Handicrafts of all kinds are a wonderful hobby and a way to throw out creative energy. But if a person has a rich imagination, in his search for perfection he can go to the point where he begins to shock and even frighten those around him with his works. Well, it will be scary, but beautiful!

1. “Ark of the Apocalypse. It took me about 14 months to create it. Length 2.3 m, width - about 0.8 m"

2. “3D painting in an old frame”

3. “I made a little goblin from walnut shells and polymer clay. He protects my succulents"

4. “I make scary masks.”

5. “I made a replica of Necron IV as a tribute to H.R. Giger.”

6. “I made the Arkillian from Men in Black for Halloween.”

7. “I made a mummy fairy for my sister for Christmas.”

8. “I made this kraken candelabra from air-hardening modeling clay.”

9. “My friend is a brilliant artist. Here is his sculpture "Tower of Souls"

10. "I created a human egg"

11. “I made an Evil Dead miniature out of a can.”

12. “Scarf “Weeping Angel””

13. “Hand-embroidered octopus bag made by me. Completely handmade"

14. “I hope you all enjoy my goat friend. Papier-mâché and sheep's wool mask I made last year."

15. “Here is the baby Cthulhu I made.”

16. “Tarantula flower”

17. “Details of my “Symphony of the Damned””

18. “A little scary, but I have to share this crazy Barbara from Beetlejuice figurine created by my talented mom using clay and her twisted imagination.”

19. “I made a creepy bunny mask.”

20. “Finally, I finished the “Brain” hat. I knitted it in my neuroscience and behavioral health courses.”

21. “One of my recently created Dragon diaries.” Everything about it is made by hand."

22. “I updated an old Halloween decoration by turning it into the Martian from the movie Mars Attacks.”

23. “My homemade vases”

24. “I just wanted to share this photo of a cute brooch I made.”

25. "My last job"


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