DIY: 30 unusual crafts (31 photos)

22 May 2024

Regardless of their quality, handmade products are always worthy of praise. They are unique and, although sometimes imperfect, you can’t help but be proud of what you made with your own hands, be it a painting, a soft toy, a cake or a unique table lamp. And to inspire you to get creative, let’s look at the latest posts from the “I Made Something” subreddit.

1. “I drew a skeleton with a ballpoint pen.”

2. “I painted this oil painting on a wood panel.”

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

3. "I sewed a little bat with constellations"

4. "I draw portraits of animals"

5. "Drew a skull"

6. "A quilt I made for a friend's baby."

7. "Small doll with a set of clothes and a wooden hanger"

8. “I made this 14k rose gold engagement ring with a lab diamond and two purple sapphires.”

9. "I made a literary quote clock out of an old e-book. It tells the time using actual quotes from the books."

10. "I made a pendant with sunset clouds"

11. “Told a girl that I knew “a little” about carving wood. She sarcastically said, “Yes, of course,” so I made her a box.”

12. “I made a lamp out of an old broken phone. The switch is in the call reset button.”

13. "Replica of a dog made of wool"

14. “My anatomical model. The goal is to tell the child what’s inside a person. I don’t have a medical education, everything was done from an anatomy textbook.”

15. “My 12-year-old retired sled dog refuses to come into the house, so I made the house come to him.”

16. “I made these two-tone boots for my client and he really liked them.”

17. “I combine handicraft techniques. For example, I crocheted this iguana using 3 colors of thread, then painted it and sculpted the details from clay.”

18. “My wife made an amazing cake for our son’s third birthday.”

19. “My pencil drawing of Heisenberg, I hope you like it.”

20. “I started drawing 4 years ago, so happy that I found my main passion!”

21. “I had a dream that I made Starry Night themed mashed potato pie and I couldn’t stop thinking about it..”

22. “I painted a forest-themed mural in my child’s nursery.”

23. “Since childhood, we gave our mother handmade gifts. I want her to always have summer in the cold winter, so I made her these plates for Christmas.”

24. "Handmade glass pumpkin"

15. “My son (14 years old) finished knitting his hat.”

26. “I made these cemetery gates out of insulation foam, plastic skeletons, spray foam and paint.”

27. “I just finished a little robot with an unusual color. It has a wire frame and can bend its arms and legs.”

28. “I painted a picture of how the desert made me feel. It’s called “Desert Magic””

29. “Every year I make a little me, it’s 2022.”

30. “I made a pen holder in the shape of a snake.”


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