20 unusual masks and jewelry by the artist (21 photos)

4 November 2023

Artist Anastasia Pilepchuk creates unusual masks and jewelry, and draws inspiration from nature and world culture. Her works resemble accessories of fantastic creatures.

Anastasia Pilepchuk is a Berlin artist with Buryat roots. For her work, Anastasia uses various materials: from the usual - beads, beads, rhinestones, to the unexpected - Polaroid paper, berries, natural materials, CDs. The artist has experience working with fashion brands. For example, the last work in the selection appeared in Vogue, where she was interviewed. What kind of creativity is this that attracts so much attention, see below.

Ill-mannered mask shows tongue

Petal mask

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

It's actually a mask made from pieces of Polaroid paper.

Hand face

In soap bubbles


Often, Anastasia’s works are extraordinary examples of decoration that represent ordinary mechanisms. For example, a mask consisting of a small hourglass.

Metal bends

I enjoy rethinking materials and forms, finding new uses for them, allowing them to express themselves through improvisation, which is an integral part of the creative process.

Alien Virgin Mary

No dragonflies were harmed

Snowy floral look

Industrial Demon


A mosquito net is reliable protection in nature.

Coral nymph

Witch's eye

Watermelon symmetry

When even dad couldn’t finish the watermelon, he had to get creative.

Dream flight

I see everything

And I have paws

When you really love cherries

Diadem of masks

Shards of Reflections

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