Impressionist artist Anastasia Trusova: charming village (25 photos)

2 February 2020
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The village served artists and writers as a rich source of creative inspiration. Many impressionist artists - Monet, Pissarro, and others - captured delicate gardens, bucolic hills and serene lakes in their paintings. Contemporary artist Anastasia Trusova looks at her surroundings a little differently. Her creations are also inspired by exquisite gardens, shady forest glades and sun-drenched paths. She makes good use of impressionism, has bright psychedelic colors and of course the beauty of the moment.

“I want to show the diversity of nature and the beauty of the moment as I see it.”

She studied painting and design at university. Trusova began publishing projects on her Instagram.

She quickly gained a devoted fan base, and looking at her work, it's easy to see why. Each of the picturesque landscapes bursts with psychedelic color and breathtaking texture. Trusova not only uses layers of acrylic paint to enrich the mood, but also adds decadent texture to complete the composition.

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