The artist creates unusual cartoon interiors (26 photos)

23 November 2022

Estonian artist Anastasia Parmson has an extraordinary vision of this world, and is especially creative in interior design. Now, as part of her project, the artist paints interior items in a cartoon style and forms entire rooms from them. The results are unusual 2D illusions in black and white. Check out her work!

Now Estonian Anastasia Parmson lives and works in Sydney, Australia. According to the artist, her whole life was connected with art: “I started working with installations while studying in France. The first ideas about creating entire rooms from installations came to me when I was already studying for a master’s degree. Then I made the first volumetric installations. After After graduating from university, I traveled a lot, and mainly did digital art. And in 2017, I started creating black and white cartoon furniture and interior items,” says the artist.

Anastasia is not involved in interior design - according to her, she is focused specifically on installations and the manifestation of her ideas through art. She periodically organizes temporary exhibitions, where everyone takes photographs in her unusual “rooms”. Many of the items in her rooms are vintage, from the 80s and 90s. But besides this, she often uses modern details.

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