A selection of cool Ural art objects (11 photos)

23 October 2023
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They say that the Urals are very stern and serious guys who played this modern art of yours on their noses. Well, maybe it is. But the Ural public art program “ChӦ” proves the opposite. Their projects are aimed at developing Ural identity and contemporary art. The installations also raise various universal human problems, such as pollution, waste recycling, connections between past and present, and so on. Let's take a look at these interesting Ural art objects.

"Industrial Baby"

The baby on the shore of the Verkh-Isetsky pond symbolizes the history of the industrial Urals, which was filled with life by water.


The materials for this installation were broken motors, engines, pistons and aluminum cans.

The name is given after the year the dam was built, which gave rise to the first industrial enterprise within the boundaries of modern Yekaterinburg. With this art object, the authors wanted to show that industrial products can continue to serve people, even if their life has come to an end.

"Inflatable Columns"

Как садят рис
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An ironic installation that transformed the power and inviolability of ancient columns into spontaneously moving inflatable columns. Perhaps this work is intended to remind us of the preservation of historically significant objects that cannot be replaced by artificial “cheat.”

"Poet's Tribune"

There is no better place for the “Poet’s Tribune” than Mayakovsky Park! Organizers hope that in the park, “culture” will become equivalent to “recreation.”

"Ghost of the Forest"

The installation raises the sore subject of forest fires, which is emphasized by the materials used: old wooden boards that retain the memory of their native forests and the warmth of human homes.

"Step Man"

The sculpture is located next to the granite amphitheater, equipped at the Shartash stone tents - a geological and archaeological natural monument that was under threat during the development of the city.


Suprematist design not only dilutes the dullness and monotony of high-rise buildings, but also once again reminds us of the complexity, sometimes illogicality of the world built by man.

"City Idols"

It may seem that such decorations are totems of wild animals, but Natalya Pastukhova depicted pets on them. The installation shows the path that man has gone through, turning the forces of nature that he worshiped into home amulets, which, however, remain other creatures that are not entirely understandable to man.

"Technogenic nest"

The work draws attention to human influence on nature, where the natural is no longer possible without the artificial. To create the art object, garbage that was not suitable for recycling was used.


The artist Krasil Makar works using the technique of Ural-Siberian house painting, even in modern space. The portal is designed to remind a person of the fine line of transition from the past to the future.


The work is inspired by the crystal of the metal bismuth, and its shape is reminiscent of ancient pyramids and fractals, which organically connects the majestic antiquity and progressive modernity.

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