Thalassophobia in stunning dioramas by a Japanese master (34 photos + 3 videos)

19 January 2021
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Category: sculptures, 0+

Just because you've never heard of this phobia doesn't mean you don't have it. Thalassophobia is the fear of deep, dark waters such as oceans, seas and lakes. No matter how much we are drawn to the mysteries of the ocean, the thought that we have no idea what is hiding right below us makes us shiver. One talented master from Japan found a way to tame this fear by embodying it in his amazing works.

Thalasso hobbyer creates stunning resin dioramas that skillfully combine the magic and danger that lie within the mysterious depths of the ocean.

He recently received a lot of positive feedback for an artful diorama that depicts a mysterious temple on a rocky coast and a whale-like creature rising from the depths of the ocean.

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