These carved stone wonders take years to create and cost up to $1 million (10 photos)

11 November 2020
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The stone-cutting workshop, which continued the legacy of the legendary Russian jeweler Peter Carl Faberge, managed to raise the art of volumetric mosaic stone cutting to a level never before achieved in the history of mankind.

Alexey Antonov's Stone Carving House has taken this art form to a whole new level, creating stunningly detailed works of art inlaid with precious metals.

“At first we wanted to revive the almost forgotten art of stone processing, but over time we realized that much has changed over these hundred-plus years,” said Alexey Antonov in an interview with Russia Beyond. “If earlier the scope of work was limited to the small size of expensive stone, today we use technology that allows you to increase the volume of the figure, while maintaining exquisite craftsmanship."

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