The photographer showed how he takes the coolest pictures without resorting to the wildest Photoshop (21 photos)

10 January 2024

Sometimes you look at the photographs of some photographers and think: "Ugh! Why is this guy photoshopping so wildly? This is not cool!” But there is such masters who create complex compositions without using the possibilities of graphic editors in exorbitant quantities.

For example, Spanish photographer Jordi Coalitic refers to your powerful imagination and creativity to do something really cool and unusual. And then he takes it and shows it to everyone those who want to know how he did it. So, friends, sleight of hand and no fraud! ????

Hot potato!

Love does not love

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

Very good boy

A ring lamp, a couple of flashlights, and your dog will look like just another quest in a video game!

It's better not to upset her

Martian Chronicles for social networks

Just think about it: a girl puts an aquarium on her head (!) and now she is no longer a model, but a space traveler! Is not magic?

Hand tornado

Monsters inside you

Jordi's team are not vandals. After the photo shoot, the guys washed the wall, removing traces of their creativity. Handsome guys!

Paper boat


This is Sparta!

If you look closely at the arrow, you can see the thread to which it is tied. Yes, the reenactor did not shoot the photographer ????

We're not angels, boy.

Heavenly palette

Just add water


Painting with light at a long exposure is a kind of... classic. But despite the fact that we are already accustomed to this technique, everyone since the result turns out to be incredibly cool!

It's great that we're all here today

My magic is stronger than your magic!

The floor is lava!

How to take an impressive photo? We find an unusual natural location, place an LED strip in the cracks, add a little smoke, and voila, a gorgeous photo is ready!

Reflection of his heart

What can your dog do?

Fairy Winx. Start

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