Funny pictures from a family photographer who shows all the intricacies of photo shoots (28 photos)

25 November 2023
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Many people separate work and family, they say, these concepts are incompatible. However, the hero of this collection, John Wilhelm, proved the opposite. He has only two great loves in his life - family and photography. And as you may have guessed, his cheerful family is his main source of inspiration. Wilhelm is a talented photographer with a rich imagination, but he creates real magic in Photoshop. He publishes his work on social networks and at the same time shows all the intricacies of his photo shoots. Let's get a look.

This is how road markings are made

Ride with the breeze

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

When your dad is a photographer

The right background is everything

When you have your own pet wolf

Typical vacation photo

Outdoor games



Hard workers

Sometimes one small detail is missing for the perfect photo.

Bad lunch

The magic of Photoshop and no fraud

Difficult relationship with my sister

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