Porsche created three art objects in China (7 photos)

7 November 2023

As part of the Aranya theater festival, which takes place in Northern China, Porsche presented three art objects. Each of them refers to a real model of the brand, but in two cases the artists used real cars for installations.

The overall Porsche art project is called The Art of Dreams and demonstrates how dreams associated with the brand can be interpreted in different ways.

The Dream Bold installation is an image of a classic Porsche 911 (934) racing car, made of metal tubes and equipped with lighting. The sculpture's creator, Benedict Radcliffe, claims that its visual tension is meant to stimulate the resonance of a dream in the viewer.

The Porsche Taycan became the subject of two art objects at once. The first, called Dream in Motion, is a visualization of an electric car racing through the sand, where clouds of dust behind it are depicted using bright structures. The second is the Taycan, encased in a huge glass bottle and wrapped in a scroll. The scroll depicts a copy of one of the drawings of the Porsche 356 by Ferdinand Porsche, and the art object as a whole is called a modern interpretation of the brand founder's dreams about sports cars.

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