30 cool pictures taken by ordinary amateurs (31 photos)

16 October 2023
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Thanks to photography, we can capture and immortalize any moment in time. And you don’t have to be a professional photographer to take cool shots. There is a whole community on the Reddit forum where ordinary users from all over the world share their photo masterpieces from everyday life - and their pictures are no worse than professional ones! Let's take a look at the most interesting photos.

1. “Took a photo of my cats watching the sunset.”

2. Reflection of the Empire State Building in an oil puddle. NY

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

3. Cat in Tolymore Forest Park, Ireland

4. Snowy Kyoto

5. Ship in the fog

6. A man paints sneakers on the street in Rome

7. Sunset in Hawaii

8. Photo of a dog named Louie

9. Shot from Versailles, France

10. Morning at the tea plantations

11. Great Gray Owl

12. Rawson Lake, Canada

13. “I took an unexpectedly beautiful photo of my cat.”

14. Fuji Stratovolcano, Japan

15. Blue tit in flight

16. Tree of Life

17. Calf in the mountains

18. “Lovers” lampposts on a bench in Turin, Italy

19. Picturesque windmill

20. “And I took a photo of a snowflake that fell on my backpack.”

21. Deer in a flax field

22. Turtle in the clearest lake

23. "Glowing" tree

24. “Took a photo of a climber at the moment when she lost her balance.”

25. "My dog and her camouflage suit"

26. Taj Mahal from an “alternative” side that few have seen. India

27. Giant street art

28. “Took an atmospheric photo of my Lego figures.”

29. View through glasses

30. Macro photo of a traffic light

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