Gorgeous photos from Joe Shatter's Arctic expedition (20 photos)

15 April 2019
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Joe Shatter, a British-Brazilian adventurer and talented photographer, captured the majestic landscapes of Greenland on his breathtaking photography expedition. “This is nothing less than a full-scale expedition to Northeast Greenland on an electric schooner along and into the world's largest fjord system, some of which are almost 150 miles long,” says Joe.

“It so happens that one fine day some time ago I traded the softness of London life (beautiful though it is) for a life with wind and rain, long blue light, the midnight sun, mountains, volcanoes, glaciers and canyons and, of course, waterfalls "It's the subarctic environment where I thrive and where I get the inspiration I need to get moving (literally and figuratively) and live a life of adventure in Iceland," says the photographer.

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