Poet of twilight, evening skies and the magical moon (20 photos)

6 May 2024
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The moon is not just a celestial body, but also a mystical symbol revered in different cultures. In its soft, muted light, the outlines of objects change, revealing some hidden meaning.

The Dutch artist Jacobus Theodorus “Jacob” Abels (1803-1866), who became one of the prominent representatives of the so-called direction of night painting, was well aware of this ability of the moon.

Jacobus Theodorus "Jacob" Abels

He began as a painter of summer landscapes, but after his travels he focused on river views in moonlight paintings.

Abels was born in Amsterdam in 1803. He was a student of the painter Jan van Ravenswaey. In 1826 he visited Germany, and upon his return settled in The Hague. His wife was the daughter of the famous animal painter Peter Os.

His paintings with lunar landscapes brought him particular fame. Abels’s designs turned out to be especially deep and mesmerizing. Emphasized by the haze of the setting rays of the sun or the veil of moonlight, they subconsciously evoke in the viewer a bright sadness about the passing of time and the passing of opportunities.

Abels did not sign all his works, but the master’s hand is quite recognizable even without a signature.

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