An apartment for cat owners has been found in St. Petersburg (9 photos)

5 January 2024
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The two-room hut is filled with paintings and various images of the notorious cat named Zarathustra, who was glorified by his owner, including the furry one in the masterpieces of world painting.

Or for art lovers? One can assume so. The thing is that the cat that decorated the walls, the ceiling, etc., is the cat Zarathustra, who appears on the masterpieces of world painting at the whim of his owner, artist Svetlana Petrova, one of the creators of the Multivision festival.

Her cat is fat, red, and fits perfectly into iconic compositions.

And now he has decorated the St. Petersburg apartment.

Как садят рис
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Images of a ginger cat can be found in almost every corner of the apartment.

It was designed by Svetlana Petrova, and now she has decided to sell it.

Zarathustra crept into the masterpieces:

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