When life is in full swing: 15 amazing pictures taken with an action camera (16 photos)

5 June 2024
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It’s easy to take the action camera with you to the mountains and sea, into the sky and under water, jump with a parachute and climb into the deepest caves. It allows you to capture every sudden moment and save it for its owner. But is it only needed by athletes and other fans of active life? What about ordinary people?

Action cameras appeared several years ago and took over the digital photography market with lightning speed. The ability to shoot even in the most dynamic and extreme conditions without blurring the frame has made the camera a favorite of all athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. Every year, the popular company GoPro alone sells about 2,000,000 cameras worldwide. People receive hundreds of incredible photos and many of them are sent to the same company that runs various photo competitions. We want to show 15 cool shots and tell who is interested in getting their own action camera.

Creating a sandstorm

The most common purchases are made by athletes who want to capture action shots like this one, where it's easy to imagine the engine screeching without sound.

Brave Leap

You don't have to be an athlete to lead an active lifestyle. Such people look for adventure wherever they go, and an action camera comes in handy for them, which saves all their crazy ideas as a memory.

Как садят рис
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Waiting for salvation

True, sometimes the camera has to capture sad moments like this. As the author of the photo writes, the team of sailors found themselves on the open sea. They sat on an inflatable raft, wearing life jackets, and waited for help.

From the wing of an airplane

Travelers also love to take their camera with them. Small and portable, it does not take up much space even in a handbag on a thin strap, but allows you to take incredible pictures. The author of this was able to amaze with an unusual view of the mountains, and all because before the flight he attached a camera under the wing of the plane.

Guest with Piglet

The ease of mounting the camera and a bunch of additional “goodies” allow tourists to do without even a selfie stick when they urgently need to take a photo. This girl attached her GoPro to a paddle and was able to snap herself with an unusual visitor - a spotted pig.

Living mask

The camera is also held in high esteem by divers, because it makes it possible to take incredible pictures underwater. Some of them make you smile or touch...

The heroine of "Jaws"

Other shots can scare viewers. But you must admit that when you dive underwater in a huge iron cage to see a great white shark with your own eyes, you would want to preserve such a burning memory.

On top of the cliff

The world is full of beautiful places, and travelers know this better than anyone. Some of the sights are so unusual that even a simple photo will take your breath away.

Balloon Parade

This shot was taken during the festival among a crowd of onlookers, which is what the audience liked. It unusually moved away from the theme of travel and sports, but still retained some light dynamics.

On the wing of a glider

Thanks to the action camera, you can capture brief moments of relaxation, such as flying in a hot air balloon or glider. While your partner performs incredible aerobatics, the other takes equally incredible shots.

Selfie at work

Some people take their camera with them to work. This footage was taken by Brazilian Air Force pilot Marcos Trotta during his next flight. Agree, not everyone can boast of such an “office” as the whole sky.

Reflecting the life of a biker

Motorcyclists are a special caste that loves GoPro, because the camera is capable of not only taking clear pictures at high speed, but also delighting with creative selfies.

At the speed of light

The photographer shares that if you “play” with the lighting, you can get a stunning shot of a racing car during a race: the already fast car will drive as if at the speed of light.

Capture the crowd

GoPro owners often say that all action cameras are incredibly versatile and come in handy even in the stadium, allowing you to fit several hundred people into one shot.

High five

In general, action cameras are suitable for anyone who has something to show, for example, their best friend while walking.


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