This incredible world: 20 photos showing the beauty of nature (21 photos)

22 February 2024
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Our world is beautiful and full of beauty. And wildlife photographers prove this time after time, taking amazing pictures in different parts of the world. The Tokyo International Photography Awards (TIFA) recently showcased the best wildlife photography, selecting the most atmospheric images from thousands of entries. These are photographs of breathtaking landscapes, various wildlife inhabitants, and its phenomena. Check out the winning photos!

1. “Perfect Cloud”, photographer - Francisco Negroni, Chile

A round cloud that is illuminated by lava from the Villarrica volcano. Photo taken in Pucon, Chile.

2. “Thunder and Lightning”, photographer - Giuseppe Russo, Italy

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

3. “Bubbles”, photographer - Charlotte Piho, Cook Islands (New Zealand)

A turtle blows bubbles underwater. The footage has garnered millions of views online, with scientists, marine biologists and turtle experts amazed - they had never seen anything like it.

4. "Call of the Dark Sky", photographer - Ethan Su, Taiwan

Photo taken at Hehuan Mountain Dark Sky Park near Hehuan Mountain in Central Taiwan. The park is located away from noisy city areas, but it is easy to get to on your own - and look at the incredible starry sky from a height of 3000 meters.

5. “Quiet hour”, photographer - Dorota Senechal, France

The photo was taken in Northern Manitoba, Canada, at -57° Celsius.

6. "Angel Trees", photographer - Satoshi-Kishimoto, Japan

7. "24/7 Tykky" - photographer Stefano Balma, Italy

The photo was taken in the Riisitunturi National Park in Finnish Lapland. Here is captured the phenomenon that the Finns call “Tykky”, that is, snow cover on the trees. Snow completely covers the spruce trees, causing them to bend and take on bizarre shapes that resemble huge creatures.

8. “Pond of a Thousand Shades”, photographer - Fenqiang Liu, USA

The photographer took this photo in southeast Georgia, USA, as summer met winter and the sunlight gave nature different shades. It's like an open-air art exhibition where every corner is a masterpiece.

9. “Ghost Forest”, photographer - Takahiro Gamou, Japan

The photo shows a small pond formed as a result of a temporary accumulation of melted snow. Usually the area is overgrown with trees, but for some time this “ghost forest” appeared on the surface of the water.

10. “Golden sunset on the lake”, photographer - Yongseok Chun, Korea

This beauty was photographed at Yedang Lake in Yesan County, South Korea.

11. "Winter Rocky Mountains", photographer - Yongnan Li, Canada

The photo shows the Canadian Rockies, covering the territories of the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. In winter they are especially beautiful.

12. "Lion's love", photographer - Jacques-Andre Dupont, Canada

The cutest scene: a lion and a lioness are affectionate with a little lion cub.

13. "Ice glasses", photographer - Masataka Konno, Japan

The photo was taken on the shore of a cold lake. This is real ice art created by nature.

14. "Lions at sunset", photographer - Jacques-Andre Dupont, Canada

Lions waiting for sunset, ready to hunt.

15. “Divergence”, photographer - Julie Kenny, Australia

During low tides, some parts of the shallows look alien: different shades, reliefs, and winding water paths are visible, creating a dynamic landscape. This is another evidence of the unbridled power and beauty of nature.

16. “Keeper of the magic of the forest”, photographer - Marcello Galleano, Italy

A curious lemur in the heart of a Madagascan forest holds vanilla leaves in its paws, a fragrant treasure hidden among the branches. Photogenic comrade!

17. “Mimicry”, photographer - Sayaka Ichinoseki, Japan

The ragbill seahorse is endemic to Australia and is listed as a threatened species. They have always been difficult to find due to the fact that they mimic algae, although they can reach up to 40 cm in size. They are one of the most beautiful and skillfully mimicking creatures in the world.

18. “Moonwalk”, photographer - Artyom Shestakov, USA

The photographer photographed these king penguins during an expedition to Antarctica. For a long time he observed the colony, their habits and communication. The photo was taken on South Georgia Island, home to about 450,000 king penguin pairs and about 30 colonies.

19. "Sardine Dance", photographer - Jyunjie Lin, Taiwan

The photo was taken off the coast of Moalboal in the Philippines.

20. "Incredible dolphins", photographer - Keisuke Inukai, Japan

The photographer photographed a school of dolphins near the island of Mikurajima in the Pacific Ocean, located 200 km south of Tokyo. This is a rare place where people and dolphins live peacefully side by side.

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