25 best photos from around the world, chosen by All About Photo magazine (26 photos)

24 January 2024
Category: competitions, 16+

Colors surround us wherever we are. The world is far from black and white, and All About Photo magazine decided to show it in all its colors. The magazine regularly selects the best photographs from photographers from around the world on various topics. This time the theme is color. The magazine includes 25 photographs taken by photographers from 15 countries and 5 continents. Rate the participants' work!

1. Austria. Photographer - Thaddäus Hozzography Biberaue

2. A boy from the Mandari ethnic group, South Sudan. Photographer - Svetlin Yosifov

Как садят рис
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"In the cattle camps of the Mandari people, children do most of the work. They collect fresh cow dung and put it in heaps, which are then set on fire. These fires repel mosquitoes and other insects."

3. "Colors of nature." The photo was taken at sunset in the Sahara Desert. Photographer - Callie Eh

4. Driving Through the Countryside by Cynthia Dickinson

5. "Trio", photographer - Yves Leonard

6. “Digital Overlay”, photographer - Anne-Claire Vimal Du Monteil

7. Portrait of a parrot. Photographer - Christine Fitzgerald

8. "Urban Geometry", photographer - Carol Foote

9. “The Quintessence of Beauty”, photographer - Edita Bizova

10. “Melodies of dune landscapes”, photographer - Marek Boguszak

11. Photographer - Wendy Stone

12. "Silent Colors", photographer - Mona Singh

"This is the sacred Indian city of Vrindavan - a city of widows. Thousands of women live here who were exiled by their families after the death of their husbands."

13. “The Shadow Side”, photographer - Hardijanto Budiman

14. “Colorful Dreams”, photographer - Benjamin Pawlowski

15. "Art from trash", photographer - Klaus Lenzen

A pile of waste paper at a recycling warehouse in Dusseldorf, Germany.

16. "In the shipyards of Dhaka", photographer - Joe Buergi

"There are more than 100 shipyards in Bangladesh, most of which serve the domestic market. This shipyard on the banks of the Buriganga River is one of the leading ones in the country."

17. Photographer - Michelle Simmons

18. “The Seeker”, photographer - Gavin Libotte

19. "Rescue Team." Photo taken in Rimini, Italy. Photographer - Fabrizio Alzati

20. “Orange lips”, photographer - Joseph-Philippe Bevillard

21. "Vintage neon." Photo taken in Nevada, USA. Photographer - Virginia Hines

22. Photo for a project dedicated to the artist from Trinidad and Tobago, Bosco Holder. Photographer - Kelly-Ann Bobb

23. A good photo of fireworks. Photographer - Sandra Frankel

24. "Red lipstick." Photo taken in New York. Photographer - Joanna Madloch

25. “Worker Arek”, photographer - Damian Lemanski

Portrait of a man from the WIXOM Korsze team who drives garbage trucks and cleans the municipality of Korsze in Poland.

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