30 best nature photos from all over the world (31 photos)

14 January 2024
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There is so much beauty in our world! The main thing is to learn to notice it. The Nature Photography Society recently announced the finalists for the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. It involves photographs of nature, its amazing phenomena and inhabitants from all over the world. This year, photographers from 42 countries took part in the competition. An international jury selected the best photographs that are collected in this collection. Let's take a look at the brightest works!

1. “Flamenco Pose”, photographer - Magnus Lundgren

2. “The world under water”, photographer - Angel Fitor

Как садят рис
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3. “Step Forward”, photographer - Tom Robinson

4. “Veil of Spores”, photographer - Agorastos Papatsanis

5. Chameleon O'Shaughnessy. Photographer - Petr Bambousek

6. “Tree Lair”, photographer - Jan Piecha

7. “The Last Moment”, photographer - Bernd Nill

8. “Treasures of the Sea”, photographer - César Llaneza Rodríguez

9. “Pen and Inkwell”, photographer - Jonathan Lhoir

10. “Construction”, photographer - Solvin Zankl

11. "Frogfish on the throne", photographer - Gabriel Barathieu

12. "Chimera", photographer - Ilkka Niskanen

13. “Rain graphics”, photographer - Sergey Gorshkov

14. Black-headed goldfinch in a winter landscape

15. "Sloth", photographer - Antonio Sanchez

16. "Bird in the forest", photographer - Csaba Daroczi

17. Atlantic idiot. Photographer - Solvin Zankl

18. “Ballet on the water”, photographer - Marjan Artnak

19. "Art in nature", photographer - Cristobal Serrano

20. "Octopus Tango", photographer - Francisco Javier Murcia

21. “Jump”, photographer - Zsolt Moldovan

22. A ball drifting in the ocean. Photographer - Ryan Stalker

23. "Paradise". Photographer - Florian Smit

24. “Sketches of Nature”, photographer - Pedro Javier Pascual Hernandez

25. Photographer - Alberto Roman Gómez

26. “Tail Swish”, photographer - Paul Goldstein

27. Night bat in the landscape of Norway. Photographer - Audun Rikardsen

28. “Lichens for lunch”, photographer - Roberto Bueno

29. “Defeated”, photographer - Roberto Garcia Roa

30. "Camouflage", photographer - Cristobal Serrano

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