American artist Henry Bacon (1839-1912) (65 works)

25 January 2013
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Henry Bacon (1839, Haverhill, Massachusetts – March 13, 1912, Cairo, Egypt), American artist known for genre paintings and watercolors made in Normandy and Egypt.

Henry Bacon was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts in 1839.

During the Civil War, twenty-one-year-old Henry enlisted in the Confederate Army on July 16, 1861, as a war artist for Frank Leslie's Weekly. Bacon served in the 13th Massachusetts Infantry, was seriously wounded at the Battle of Bull, and was then commissioned on December 19, 1862.

In 1864, together with his first wife, Elizabeth Lord, Henry moved to France. In October the couple lived in Brittany. And then, to the surprise of those around him, Henry entered the Academy of Fine Arts, where his teacher was Alexandre Cabanel. It is worth noting that Bacon was one of the first Americans admitted to enter Parisian art schools.

Robert Wylie, who knew Bacon, describes the artist of that period as a handsome twenty-five-year-old with long dark hair and refined manners.


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