Size difference between modern animals and their extinct ancestors (20 photos)

31 May 2024

Artist Roman Uchitel showed what modern animals and other creatures look like in comparison with their ancestors, and clearly showed their difference in size

Previously, the grass was greener, the trees were taller, and the penguins were healthier and the fallow deer were taller—if you look millions of years into the past. It is no secret that the ancestors of modern animals were completely different from their current relatives, and they differed from each other primarily in size.

White rhinoceros and extinct Indricotherium


Indricotherium lived 30 - 20 million years ago.

Eastern puma and extinct puma pardoides

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Puma pardoides existed 2.1 million - 800 thousand years ago.

Polar bear and extinct giant polar bear

Canadian beaver and extinct giant beaver

Giant beavers existed during the Pleistocene era (2.588 million years ago - 11.7 thousand years ago).

Wolverine and the extinct megalictis ferox

Megalictis ferox existed during the Miocene epoch (started 23.03 million years ago and ended 5.333 million years ago).

Fallow deer and extinct bighorn deer

The big-horned deer lived during the early Holocene (about 12 thousand years ago).

Clouded leopard and extinct saber-toothed cat

The saber-toothed cat lived from 2.5 million years ago to 10 thousand years ago.

Emperor penguin and extinct giant penguin

The giant penguin lived 37 - 34 million years ago.

Giant panda and the extinct Kretzoiarctos beatrix

Kretzoiarctos beatrix existed during the Miocene epoch (started 23.03 million years ago and ended 5.333 million years ago).

Elephant tortoise and extinct giant land tortoise

The red panda and the extinct Simocyon batalleri

Simocyon batalleri existed about 9 million years ago.

The fighting bull from Spain and the extinct aurochs

The last tour died in 1627.

Great gray kiwi and extinct moa

Moas became extinct in the 1500s.

Black-backed tapir and extinct Lophialethes

Lophialethes existed during the Eocene epoch (began 56 million years ago and ended 33.9 million years ago).

Fossa and the extinct Barburofelis

Barburofelis existed between 13.6 and 7.3 million years ago.

Spotted hyena and extinct dinocrocuta gigantea

Walrus and extinct pontolis magnus

Pontolis magnus existed between 11.6 and 2.59 million years ago.

African leopard and extinct panthera pardus spelaea

The species panthera pardus spelaea became extinct about 10,000 years ago.

Raccoon and extinct Chapalmalania altaefrontis


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