New Banksy graffiti has appeared in London (5 photos)

15 May 2024

The artist confirmed that this is his work.

On March 18, the street artist known as Banksy published his latest work on his personal page. In London, on one of the inconspicuous streets, he decorated the wall of a building next to a cut down tree. It seems as if the tree has acquired a green crown, and there is a person standing next to it with a paint sprayer.

The artwork appeared on the wall of a building near Finsbury Park in north London. Local residents are proud that Banksy chose their area for graffiti. Fans of Banksy's work have already found his new work and are sharing it on social networks. Many felt that this work encourages people to pay attention to nature.

Как садят рис
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As in any work by Banksy, there is also a challenge to humanity and a message. The environmental agenda is a very important topic that Banksy addresses not for the first time.

Mysterious street artist Banksy's latest work was stolen an hour after it was posted. The artist published his work on social media - a STOP sign with 3 military drones - and indicated an address in London.


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