30 creative cakes that look like works of art (31 photos)

9 May 2024

A cake can also be a work of art if you approach baking with creativity and endless imagination. Some cakes are even a pity to eat - every detail is so thought out in them! Let's take a look at examples of the most creative cakes from netizens. Perhaps they will also charge you with a dose of culinary inspiration.

1. Based on “Starry Night” and “Sunflowers” by Van Gogh

2. “Gelatin lake cake. I decided to depict the place where we went fishing when I was little. I made it with such joy!”

Как садят рис
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3. And how can you scold him?

4. Cartoon cake

5. New Year's cake with gelatin "glass"

6. “Knitted” wedding cake

7. Cake with plants

8. Mousse cake with carp

9. Mirror mousse cake

10. Children will be delighted with this

11. Cake in the form of pancakes

12. Yes, this is also a cake!

13. Cake with capybaras

14. “I made this cake for my grandma who loves to garden.”

15. Turtle

16. Cake with a cute axolotl

17. And with dinosaurs

18. Bonfire in the forest

19. Be creative

20. Space cake

21. Incredible details

22. Cake in the shape of a stump

23. Mini cakes in the form of candles

24. An armful of tulips

25. The snake is watching you

26. Sea cake

27. So many thoughtful details

28. Like real ones!

29. Lego cake

30. Cake with a swimming pool. It's a shame to eat this one


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