Consequences of environmental problems using the example of famous buildings (8 photos)

2 May 2024

There are many problems in the world, but climate ones often remain outside the attention of the public, but this is what cities might look like in 100-200 years, if everything is left to chance.

If we continue to ignore environmental problems, then this could happen within the next century. French artist and illustrator Fabien Barrault did not spare famous landmarks at all in his works from the “News from the Future” series, burying the Colosseum in the sand and sending the Arc de Triomphe to the seabed. The future in his view is a dark and apocalyptic thing.

The author emphasizes that these images are not an accurate scientifically based forecast - this is still a work of art. However, it is based on the official fears of scientists about rising sea levels, desertification, and so on.

Colosseum in 2219

Statue of Liberty in 2119

Как садят рис
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Fabien Barrot believes that such images can influence people's minds, draw their attention to the environmental crisis and help them understand the consequences of inaction. The imagery is truly powerful and disappointing.

New York skyscraper in 2476

Triumphal Arch

Fabien Barrault dedicated this particular piece to the French artist Ronald Cat (1943-2016), who has the exact same design with whales and the underwater Arc de Triomphe.

Taj Mahal in 2131

As you can see, in some places the author gives the exact year when the photo was supposedly taken. Of course, this is done for the sake of effect. But our descendants will check.

Chicago in 2323

Eiffel Tower, year unknown


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