25 honest illustrations about modern society (26 photos)

13 April 2024

Artist Daniel Garcia has been creating illustrations that reflect the problems of modern society for more than 10 years. He paints a wide variety of political, social and everyday problems, current events, and also collaborates with many publications and companies around the world. This selection contains his best and most popular works for 2023.

1. "Soulless artificial intelligence"

2. "Bring back peace to the world"

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

3. "Alzheimer's disease"

4. "Global Warming"

5. "Extra time"

6. "Privileges"

7. "Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria"

8. "A Man's World"

9. "Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in children"

10. "Coronation"

11. "Financial fraud"

12. Different choices

13. "Happy New Year"

14. "Rhetoric of Hate"

15. "Artificial Intelligence and Work"

16. "Heart Health"

17. "Psychopaths Among Us"

18. "Paper"

19. "Pregnancy and Covid-19"

20. "Living with Diabetes"

21. "Savings for old age"

22. "Cholesterol in children"

23. "Technology Wars"

24. "Women of Iran"

25. "Unemployment"

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