15 people who made wonderful objects with their own hands (16 photos)

25 March 2024

There are people who have the ability to create real works of art. Creativity is limitless, as is imagination; and if we combine both, the results can be truly amazing. In this post you will see some truly beautiful and admirable items that people have made with their own hands.

1. I made a great domino

2. Cup based on "Harry Potter"

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

3. Sometimes bubbles look cute

4. Crystal ball. I kept the center transparent to try and give it some magical depth.

5. I made the keys from UV resin

6. Ambitious summer project

7. The first three-tier dessert tray. I'm very pleased with this piece

8. Snail with a house

9. I made some miniature koi ponds.

10. This is my first time using dried flowers and resin to make necklaces.

11. I make trays

12. I made an ashtray with moon phases

13. First project using alcohol inks that I'm happy with

14. I created a resin sea cat

15. My first embroidery

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