The second life of stone in the works of Roberto Rizzo (40 photos)

17 February 2024
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Stone is a material that can be called the most ancient canvas. On it, our ancestors carved primitive images that have survived to this day.

With the development of civilization, everything has changed. But thanks to his unconventional approach, this master gives ordinary cobblestones a new life, turning them into real works of art.

Roberto Rizzo

Roberto Rizzo lives in Spain. And in addition to the usual canvas, he uses stones for his works. Any size, from tiny pebbles to large boulders.

The test of the pen, or, more precisely, the brush, happened back in 1996. The author, who worked as an illustrator after college, became interested in studying rock art. Yes, so passionately that he moved away from classical techniques and completely switched to a non-standard basis.

Как садят рис
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Each of Roberto's works is unique in its own way. After all, there are simply no identical stones in nature. Each has its own grooves, cracks, and roughness. And it is these small imperfections, according to Rizzo, that give the work completeness and zest.

Having found a suitable stone, the master carefully cleans it, dries it, selects the ideal background and begins sketching and drawing small details. This material allows you to achieve the illusion of volume.

Rizzo's favorite direction is animal painting. Roberto also works to order, creating portraits of pets from photos. The main inspiration of the master is nature, and the stimulus is curiosity and emotions.

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