“Portrait in a few minutes”: the artist draws strangers on the subway and films their reaction (16 photos + 1 video)

4 February 2024

Puerto Rican artist from New York Devon Rodriguez has taken his creativity to a new level. Not only is the guy monstrously talented, but he also brings goodness to this world.

And he does it easily and naturally: the artist simply discreetly draws strangers on the subway, and then gives them their portraits, filming their reaction on camera. Naturally, the sudden Devon models immediately smile and their mood soars!

Cheerful "fox"

How much happiness there is in these eyes!

У кого реакция быстрее: у кота или змеи
Смотреть видео

Men also blossom when they see their portrait

At the first moment, people are always tense, they don’t understand what Devon wants from them, but then they see their image and their emotions change dramatically!

Just look at the bright emotions!

It's so nice when an artist pays attention to you

After receiving the portrait, people's faces literally light up

Even the brutal guys are shocked!

It's not often that you see such open joy

Of course, all people react differently: some thank the artist rather reservedly, while others don’t even think about hiding what they feel!

Just a photographic resemblance!

This guy looks embarrassed but happy

Gratitude and joy are visible to the naked eye

It’s definitely nice when, out of many people, a master of such a level of professionalism chose you, because not everyone can create such high-quality beauty!

A stern but charming man

Surprise and joy are the main emotions that the artist gives

And he looked so brutal!

This beauty even burst into tears when she received her portrait!


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