Interesting works of the artist, inspired by Slavic folklore (13 photos)

20 January 2024

We invite you to look at cool and slightly creepy works from Saratov-based artist Yana Antonova. In her illustrations she shows very unusual and even satirical subjects inspired by Slavic folklore. Well, we suggest you evaluate the girl’s creativity

Marya the mistress and her iron Gorynych

Shamakhan dancer

Mashenka has grown up, but nothing has changed

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

A hut on chicken legs

Mukhamorovo tree

Wolf, we're leaving

Water and flame

Royal delicacy



Breaker of the night's silence

Connection with space

Good old storyteller

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  1. Алекса
    8 February 2024 08:13
    + -1 -
    Взгляд из-за Волги. Скажите еще, что вы русские! Вот насмешите!