Bright and funny drawings from a Malaysian artist (19 photos)

5 November 2023

Malaysian artist Chow Hon Lam creates simple and funny drawings in which he plays on humorous scenes and incidents from everyday life.

Genius lies in simplicity. A Malaysian artist named Chow Hon Lam also knows about this golden rule, which applies to many areas of life. The guy creates simple and incredibly funny drawings, which sometimes have a philosophical meaning and a good dose of humor.

The Flying Mouse 365 art project is the brainchild of an artist. Within its framework, the author posted one picture a day for a year. It was a kind of creative challenge to himself, which Chow Hon Lam successfully coped with. Today, the account is a platform where the artist continues to post his amazing works, albeit now somewhat less frequently.

Clown fish

Replacing a light bulb

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

On style

Chow Hong Lama loves simplicity and clear meanings. That is why his illustrations have gained immense popularity. You've probably come across many of his drawings online in one way or another.

Cocktail mixer

good tree

Let's fly!

Sometimes, by joining forces, you can accomplish incredible things that will bring pleasure to both of you.

New hairstyle

So that's it!

Stand, hands up!

Valuable advice

That very moment when a friend tells you the “true” story of his successes and achievements.

Secret affairs

Relax on the beach

Water procedures


Couldn't stand the blow

Which ice cream are you rooting for? For chocolate or vanilla?

After work

Dark past

One of the fantastic theories about the appearance of zebra stripes.

Girl's dreams

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