Traveling Couple Recreates the Architecture of European Cities with Charming Embroidery (30 Photos)

15 February 2019
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Charles Henry and Elin Petronella are not the most ordinary couple. They are partners not only in life, but also in art!

These French-Swedish textile artists travel throughout Europe and take inspiration from the architecture of European cities to create captivating embroidered works. Using their creativity and skills, they recreate their memories - travel, favorite streets and buildings they find in different cities.

At the same time, each artist plays his own role - Elin, for example, focuses on the details of buildings and urban elements, and Charles pays attention to the color of the embroidery, which is why they match each other perfectly!

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From the canals and cottages next to them in Denmark to the bohemian streets of Paris, they recreate the beautiful cityscapes and other scenes that every city they visit has to offer. Popular monuments such as Casa Batllo, built by the architect Gaudí, are presented mainly in bright colors, while other creations are reproduced simply with an outline of black thread.


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