Cats are art lovers (19 photos)

7 December 2023
Category: animals, 0+

Animals see this world differently. But this does not mean that cats do not perceive classical or modern art.

Very much. And it is possible that they feel it more deeply than people do.

1. Inspire and be inspired

2. Expression when seeing the paintings of the classics

Как садят рис
Смотреть видео

3. Contemplating Greatness

4. Touch force

5. Facets of beauty

6. Waiting for the muse

7. Artist: the beginning

8. I can do it!

9. Assimilation of beauty

10. Looking for inspiration

11. A look towards beauty

12. I'm learning Zen

13. Connoisseur of beauty

14. This is a difficult choice

15. Contemplating Greatness

16. The mesmerizing power of art

17. Stop, just a moment.

18. Self-portrait

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